thewatchmaker: (Blood Splatter Portrait)
Character: Sylar, Parkman, BAU members Reid, Morgan, Hotch and Garcia
Fandom: Heroes and Criminal Minds
Word count: 1895
Rating: R lots of graphic violence
Part 3 or 3

Part One
Part Two

It was late when Sylar finally managed to escape from the clutches of the BAU team. He’d spent hours back at the station, being forced to listen while Parkman bitched and moaned about not having control of his body. Sylar hated the interruptions because he was finding the Behavioral Analysis Unit fascinating. Each member of the team fit like the finished works of a fine timepiece. They were flawless and relentless in their search for the UNSUB.

“They would have caught me if the Company hadn’t shut down the original FBI team. If Hansen had asked for the BAU, I’d have been locked up a long time ago.” He leaned back in the driver’s seat of Parkman’s ugly car and sipped his mocha with two extra shots of espresso to make sure he stayed wide awake and in control of Parkman’s body. His hands were shaking as he turned up the stereo.

“It won’t work. I’m tired, and you’re going to fall asleep. When you do, I’ll take my body back. Then what are you going to do, asshole?” Parkman asked from the passenger seat with a smug look on his face.

“Laugh when they arrest you for murder.” Sylar’s face was just as smug. “You can’t get out of this without my help, so shut up, hang on and enjoy the ride.”

“So what is your master plan then, Dr. Evil?” Parkman folded his arms across his chest and glared out the window as Sylar drove. “Where are we going now?”

“You don’t really want to know that, do you?” Sylar asked as he drove the car onto the freeway, heading North on the 5. “You can’t claim plausible deniability if you know too much. I mean can you be an accessory to murders committed by your body?”

“You’re giving me a headache.”

“Good.” Sylar turned the stereo up a few more notches as they sped through the night.

“You can’t possibly think that Parkman had anything to do with this,” Morgan looked incredulously at Hotchner. “The guy’s not a great cop, but there’s no way in hell he’s sneaky enough to be a serial killer. He passed out on us at the crime scene today.”

“It’s true,” Reid popped in. “He’s not in the best physical shape. According to his coworkers he’s been in a twelve step program.” The youngest member of the BAU did his best not to finger the chip in his pocket that marked his two years of being clean. “But no one knows what he’s given up, not even his partner knows.”

“He’s new to this division though, isn’t he?” Hotchner reminded them. “He has a spotty record both with LAPD and NYPD. With the files that Garcia sent us, I don’t know how the hell he got a job with the department at all. The infractions are numerous from insubordination, attacking a superior officer.”

“I’d be a suspect if that was a requirement, Hotch,” Morgan said with a grin. “I’m a trouble maker too.”

“There’s something off about Parkman. He’s had some very strong reactions to the evidence. He’s been seen having conversations with himself on multiple occasions. I think we need to keep him on the list. He fits the physical profile, and he knew victim number three,” Reid continued.

“But he didn’t know the others,” Morgan insisted.

“That’s part of the point,” Reid insisted. “The other victims don’t connect to each other at all.”

“Yes they do!” They turned to the open laptop where Penelope Garcia was talking into her web cam. “I found out all of the other victims had been arrested by Matt Parkman and his original partner Tom McHenry. Wait that’s not all.”

“What else you got for us, baby girl,” Morgan asked with a bright smile.

“Tom McHenry had an affair with Janice Parkman, and there was a question of the baby’s paternity.”

“Looks like we need to pay McHenry a visit.” Morgan pulled the keys out of his pocket and looked over at Reid.

“What a minute.” Parkman sat up suddenly wide awake in the passenger seat. “I know where we’re going. This is where Tom lives. What the fuck are we doing here?”

“We need someone to take the fall for us, Parkman. Who deserves it more than the fucker who boned your wife?” Sylar gave Parkman a huge smile, and took the next exit, heading for Tom McHenry’s house.

“But you said Tom was dead.”

“I lied. Try not to be surprised.”

Parkman wanted to protest. He wanted to tell Sylar that it was wrong. Tell him that setting up an innocent man was a travesty of justice, but he couldn’t do it. Matty might be his kid, but in the end, the bastard had slept with his wife.

“Wait?” Sylar turned down the stereo when they pulled into the residential neighborhood, his dark eyes scanning the house numbers. “No protests? Not going to call me a heartless bastard?”

“No. No protests. If anyone deserves this, other than you, it’s Tom. He’s got this coming to him.”

“See. I knew we could come to an understanding.” Sylar parked in Tom’s driveway, and climbed out of the car. He checked his reflection in the window and frowned when Parkman’s face looked back at him. “So no giving me any shit in there. We use your power. We make him our little puppet, doing what you couldn’t do to me, and then you get off scot free. Understand.”

“Yeah I understand, but don’t you think it’d be better if I did the talking? I know him better than you do.”

“Nice try. I know what you do. I have access to your memories. Been playing connect the dots when I was bored which means I’ve had oodles of time to perfect my skills. I know all about Tommy boy.” Sylar knocked on Tom’s door. Two quick raps like they were taught in the police academy designed to make drug dealers and other criminals jump like rats when they heard the sound.

“Parkman?” Tom looked at him and took a step back, then opened the door to let him inside. “What the hell, buddy? It’s been forever. Can I get you a beer? The game’s just starting. Take a load off, we can watch it together.”

“Shut up!” Sylar and Parkman said it in unison while Sylar shut and locked the door. “We need to talk, Tom. Sit down.”

“What the hell, Parkman. You want to get into with me again? Aren’t we done with this yet?’ Tom balked turning to look at Parkman like he’d grown another head.

“Not by a long shot,” Sylar answered for Parkman, stalking toward Tom and shoved him. The other man fell back onto the sofa. Tom tried to move, but before he could Parkman’s power washed over him. Sylar smiled as he forced their combined will on man, making his eyes roll back in his head. “Enjoy the show, Parkman. This is how you should be using your power.”

“Jesus, Sylar, don’t kill him! Let him breathe!” Parkman shouted.

“I know what I’m doing, Parkman.” He stepped between Tom’s legs and put his hand on the cop’s forehead. “Let me show you what you’ve done, Tom. You’ve been a very, very bad man, all those innocent people and all that blood on your hands, all because you wanted to set up Parkman and have Janice for yourself.”

Parkman felt like he was going to be sick as Sylar opened the floodgates, letting him see the memories of the murders he’d committed while wearing his skin. He had to turn away as the blood splattered over his body, and behind him he could hear Sylar chuckle while Tom whimpered as Sylar forced the memories into the man’s head.

“Saved the best for last, Parkman. Those others were just for fun and games.” Parkman felt his skin crawl when Sylar smiled at him with far too many teeth. “Let’s watch what you did to Roy.”

“Mr. Parkman, it’s great to see you,” Roy said with a big grin, holding his door open. “I didn’t know you knew where I lived.”

“Yeah I’m kind of amazing that way.” Sylar stepped into the cluttered house, noting the signs of single surfer living at its finest from the empty pizza boxes stacked on the kitchen counter to the bin full of recyclables that was fifty/fifty beer cans and Diet Coke. “Being a cop, I can find just about anyone. So are your roommates home, Roy?”

“Nope, I’m all alone.”

“Good,” Sylar said as he scouted the room for a useful weapon, settling on the aluminum baseball bat leaning near the unused fireplace. “This’ll do nicely. Batter up!”

The bat hit Roy below his left eye, cracking his cheek, splitting the skin and sending out a spray of blood. Sylar laughed when Roy clutched at his face and fell to his knees, blood seeping from between his fingers. Before the kid could ask what was going on or beg for mercy, he brought the bat down again, catching his wrist and snapping the bone. Another swing and he shattered Roy’s jaw. The boy went down, writhing in pain as he tried to crawl to safety.

“No, no, no getting away.” Sylar took the bat to Roy’s knees and elbows, and then took one final swing at the back of his skull. “Guess what Roy? I know where you fucking die too.”

“Oh god, Sylar. Fuck.” Parkman was reeling, while Tom stared into space a thick trail of drool running from the corner of his mouth.

“Why did you do it, Tom?” Sylar grabbed Tom by the front of his shirt, yanking him off of the couch and shoved him into the sliding glass door that rattled in its frame. “Why did you kill Roy?”

“He wanted Janice!” Tom screamed as he scrambled away from the man he thought was Matt Parkman. He reached for the fireplace poker and charged at Parkman ready to bring the poker down on his head. “I want her. She’s mine!”

Sylar brought his arm up to block the blow. He howled in pain as the heavy piece of wrought iron smashed into his forearm. He wasn’t sure which he missed more, his telekinesis to stop Tom in his tracks or the regeneration. Tom pulled his arm back to swing again when the door was kicked open, and the members of the BAU came rushing in, guns in hand.

“Tom McHenry, drop your weapon now,” Morgan said it coolly pointing his gun at the raging cop. “Detective Parkman are you all right?”

“I am now,” Sylar said, holding his injured arm against his chest as he backed out of the way. “Thank god you showed up.”

Outside Sylar sat on the tailgate of the paramedic rig while they checked his arm. The bruise was spreading already, and would be a nice shade of black by morning. He flexed Parkman’s fingers as instructed to make sure they worked properly.

“You’re lucky that’s not broken,” Reid said, as he watched them bandage Parkman’s arm.

“I’m lucky about a lot of things tonight.” Sylar smirked at Parkman who was watching while they forced Tom into the back of a squad car. “Thanks for all your help, Dr. Reid. You saved my life.”