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Name:Sylar - Gabriel Gray
Birthdate:Jun 11
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:Follow me on Twitter

Name: Sylar, Gabriel Petrelli
Gender: Male
Age: 32
General physical overview/link to picture: Zach Quinto
intuitive aptitude
empathic mimicry
regeneration - Claire Bennet - stolen
telekinesis – Brian Davis – killed in his first Company assignment
induced radioactivity - Ted - killed by Company orders
super hearing - Dale - killed for fun
freezing – ?? - killed for fun
liquefaction - Zane - killed for fun
clairsentience - Bridget Bailey - killed on Angela’s orders
electricity manipulation - Elle Bishop – Killed on Company orders
lie detection - Sue Landers – killed for fun
healing - Father Ryan - killed for fun
teleportation – Hiro Nakamura – Killed on Company orders
super speed - AU Claire Bennet - taught - RP

Vortexverse or Alt-Universe (if alt universe, tell us about where you come from):
Alt Verse – Villains: inspired by the Villains chapter of Heroes. The Company is a dark, dark place. The Petrellis play God. Arthur pits Gabriel and Peter against each other while Nathan goes into politics. Angela isn’t controlled by Arthur, she’s his willing partner in evil. When Gabriel is forced to bash in a six year old Claire Bennet’s skull, while being mocked by Peter, he fractures, letting the darkness in his soul win. In a battle with Peter using their nuclear powers, he and futurepurfect are thrown into the Vortex.

Background/Family/Friends Stuff:
Father: Arthur Petrelli
Mother: Angela Petrelli
Brothers: Nathan and Peter. Gabriel is the middle child.
Niece: Claire Bennet – my RP partner in this ‘Verse

This version of Sylar was never adopted. He was raised by Arthur and Angela. Placed into a rivalry with his younger brother, Peter his whole life, Gabriel stops trying to be good. Arthur and Angela kept Claire’s paternity a secret, it wasn’t until she was involved with both Peter and Gabriel that they found out she was their niece.

Motivation: Power, causing pain, wants to destroy his brother Peter, or reasonable copies.
General Personality: Sarcastic, driven, very much the arrogant Petrelli bastard.
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